Hi! This is me. I’m Erica, a Sydney photographer who loves to capture those little moments of life. The cuddles with kids, the laughter, the chaos and everything in between. The real bits of you and your family, not just your posed smiles in front of the camera. I offer sessions in home or out in the wild, but each one is relaxed and fun. Capture those moments before they are gone... your child’s hand in yours, their tiny newborn toes, the way they throw their head back when they laugh, or how they look at you like you are their whole world.

A bit about me - I love being outdoors, swimming in the ocean, hanging out with my kids and travelling. I’m a BIG travel fan and love exploring somewhere new. My family and I recently spent a year travelling the world - 1 husband, 2 kids and 2 suitcases made for the adventure of a lifetime (if you are interested you can see some of my travel photos here). I’m also quite partial to a block of dark chocolate, a cup of peppermint tea and couch time while binge watching Netflix. I’ll take the big and the little moments of life. If they are made in pretty light then all the better :)

If you would like to discuss a family or newborn session or have any questions, please get in touch here. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook, just click on the logos below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Erica

My work has been published in Dear Photographer Magazine and Click Magazine

Finalist in the 2017 VOICE Collection in the 'Culture & Travel' category 

2017VoiceCollection_small badge.jpg

Images of me and my family above are thanks to the super talented Summer Murdock