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Oh what a gorgeous family! I spent a relaxed and sunny Sunday morning with these guys in their home in Sydney's inner west. This is their life, having just welcomed little baby Marx into their family of 5. His two older sisters were awesome, super sweet and keen to help mum out one minute, then running off ready to play (or snack) the next.  In home sessions seem to bring out personality in kids. I love that they can be themselves and show me a glimpse into their every day. Thank you Carmen + David for letting me capture these days for you. It's hard to get a quiet moment with three kids but the laughter trumps the silence every time :)


This week I'm participating in another blog circle with some super talented photographers from Australia and NZ. Follow through the links to see what these amazing photographers have been up to, you won't be disappointed! Next up is Claire Humphries, Auckland Family Photographer with her start to Spring. Hooray!

- Erica xx

Welcoming Baby Nicholas | Sydney Newborn Photographer

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I feel like there has been a baby boom in Sydney! It's so nice to spend a morning hanging out with a fresh and snuggly new baby and little Nicholas here was no exception. As a first child and a first grandchild in the family, you can just tell he is going to get the love piled on.

I love being invited back into that cocoon of life with a new baby, where the days are full of feeding, nappy changes, cuddles, half drunk cups of tea. When the hours pass slowly but all of a sudden another day is gone. Thank you to Louise and Adrian for letting me be there to capture your life as a family of three. It's a big milestone! 

Sun and sand dunes | Sydney Family Photographer

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I'm generally not a fan of winter, but I have to admit we've had a good run of it this year. The sun has done its best to shine bright most days and the weather has been warm enough to get outside often. It has almost softened the blow each time a Facebook memory pops up in my feed to remind me of the European Summer I was having last year.

If I'm going to be in winter this is a pretty good place to be, especially working on a family session like this one. Sydney put on a glorious sunny afternoon, the kids were excited to be at the beach, ready to run from the waves and happy to their feet (and their pants) wet. And their mum and dad were just as happy to get in on the action! Thanks Nat + Jay for being so relaxed and fun.

Spring is just around the corner, the start of longer days and warmer weather. It's a great time of year and a busy time for family photography sessions. Get in quick to book your own, I'd love to hear from you!

The story of Baby Amelie | Sydney Newborn Photographer

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I love the way a collection of pictures tells a story. It offers so much more than just one image or a hazy sleep-deprived memory. It's the reason I offer a set of digital images with each session. Those early weeks and months with a new baby can seem long, but years later they blur into one another. It's easy to forget how you spent your mornings together, how tiny their hands were in yours, how peaceful they looked sleeping, or how much you savoured the ability to drink your cup of coffee or tea while it was still warm :) This is the story of baby Amelie and her family. A three month old with super cute smile, her relaxed and loving parents and their cheeky cat Archie. 

If you are interested in telling and recording your own story, let's chat! Contact me for more details or to book your own session.


I'm lucky enough to be participating in a blog circle with some fellow Aussie female photographers. They are all super talented people and I'd love to share their work with you. One to check out is Melbourne newborn & family lifestyle photographer JESS WORRALL. Her latest blog post is full of inspiring photos and newborn cuteness. Enjoy! - Erica xx

Getting outdoors | Sydney Family Photography

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Sunlight poking through the trees, playing in rock pools, the tide coming in on an empty beach. There are so many good things about an outdoor winter session, one of them being that you generally have the place to yourself. Room to run, space to explore and a few cuddles when the cooler weather hits. These gorgeous girls were all about the giggles on our afternoon down in Sydney's Sutherland Shire. They have spent countless days on this beach over the years so it was extra special to hang out and capture them together. 

Is there a place you and your family love to spend time? Take advantage of this amazing Sydney sunshine and book your own outdoor family session. Get in touch here, I'd love to hear from you!

A Saturday morning with five | Sydney Family Lifestyle Photographer

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A sunny Saturday morning in Sydney with this family. One beautiful baby girl with big blue eyes, two sweet and energetic big brothers to keep us all entertained, a pair of gorgeous parents and the most chilled family dog.  I was excited to hang out with these guys to capture their life together as a family of five (well six if you include Max the dog). One of the best things about in home sessions is that you get to record real life as it unfolds. Reading on the couch, cuddles with your new sister or kids just being crazy kids. Boys jumping around the house or mum trying to catch a few quiet minutes with her baby. With this family the laughter flowed and I can honestly say that I had fun at work. It's so nice to be able to record these moments for them. In ten years time wouldn't it be nice to have this to look back on? Not just photos of your kids but photos with you actually IN them, having fun and enjoying your morning together.

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