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Bringing your first baby home is a pretty momentous occasion. Your house full of baby cards, half-full cups of tea. The hours blending into one another while you adjust to having a new tiny person to love and look after. My favourite part of an in-home newborn session getting a glimpse into those moments. I feel so lucky to be invited into someone’s home, being able to witness and record that. The good stuff.

I first met this gorgeous mumma a lifetime ago, back when I worked in the travel industry. It was so exciting to see her again, to meet her partner and their beautiful new daughter. And to meet grandma who came all the way over from the UK. The love for this little girl is huge.

The first 4 weeks together | Sydney Newborn Photographer

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Loved up. There is so much love in this family, it was awesome being there just to witness how they spend their days together. Four weeks into life as a family of three and some of that newborn uncertainty seems to disappear. All of a sudden everyone falls into their groove - mum and dad are relaxed in their newborn bubble, bath time becomes more fun than scary (for everyone involved) and you can just savour those moments together. Make sure you get in photos with your baby. That is what your child is going to want to see when they are grown.

Just the three of us | In Home Newborn Photography

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I've been doing a lot of newborn session recently with older siblings. They are beautiful and fun and usually a little chaotic (that's life, right?). Coming into a session of just three - mum, dad and their gorgeous baby girl - is a different experience. There is so much tenderness, there are quiet moments together and there is a little magic bubble that surrounds the three of them. It takes me back to those days with my first born...the moments fade away but I definitely remember those loving gazes. Hopefully one day this little lady will grow up and see a reminder of just how cherished she is.

Sunday sessions | Sydney Family Photographer

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Oh what a gorgeous family! I spent a relaxed and sunny Sunday morning with these guys in their home in Sydney's inner west. This is their life, having just welcomed little baby Marx into their family of 5. His two older sisters were awesome, super sweet and keen to help mum out one minute, then running off ready to play (or snack) the next.  In home sessions seem to bring out personality in kids. I love that they can be themselves and show me a glimpse into their every day. It's hard to get a quiet moment with three kids but the laughter trumps the silence every time :)


This week I'm participating in another blog circle with some super talented photographers from Australia and NZ. Follow through the links to see what these amazing photographers have been up to, you won't be disappointed! Next up is Claire Humphries, Auckland Family Photographer with her start to Spring. Hooray!

- Erica xx

Welcoming Baby Nicholas | Sydney Newborn Photographer

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I feel like there has been a baby boom in Sydney! It's so nice to spend a morning hanging out with a fresh and snuggly new baby and little Nicholas here was no exception. As a first child and a first grandchild in the family, you can just tell he is going to get the love piled on.

I love being invited back into that cocoon of life with a new baby, where the days are full of feeding, nappy changes, cuddles, half drunk cups of tea. When the hours pass slowly but all of a sudden another day is gone. Thank you to Louise and Adrian for letting me be there to capture your life as a family of three. It's a big milestone!