A Wild Adventure | Sutherland Shire Family Photographer

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You’ve seen plenty of family photos with cute toddlers and sweet little babies right? Does the thought of convincing your bigger kids to sit still in a park while someone takes their picture terrify you? It’s probably harder than getting them all to put their shoes on and get out of the door in time for school.

Make your family photos a family adventure. I took this family up to the cliffs in one of Sydney’s lesser known National Parks. They walked, explored, kept an eye out for passing whales and even got to see a spectacular sunset over the ocean. Switch off, enjoy the good times together, and let me take the photos.

Golden hour at the beach | Eastern Suburbs Family Photographer

Family + Lifestyle

One of my new favourite locations with such a fun and loved-up family. This session was scheduled and rescheduled during a month full of Sydney rain. The afternoon we finally made it to the beach, the sun was out in all it’s glory.

This family totally embraced the few hours together on the beach. The best way to look at your photography session is as a chance to have time away from the hustle of day-to-day life. Spend the time playing with your kids and having fun with your family, and you will get moments as gorgeous as this family. Moments where the love and happiness shines through.

Afternoon Adventures | Sydney Family Photography

I love this location for an afternoon of adventures with your family. Who knew you could be in the middle of Sydney but still feel like you are out in a field in the countryside? There are gorgeous trees to climb if your big kids are the adventurous type, grass to run in and sand to play with for those little ones. Turn off your phone for an hour or two, explore with your kids and let me document it. You won't regret it :) 

Fish 'n Chips On The Beach | Sydney Family Photographer

Family + Lifestyle

Summer is here and now is the perfect time for a family beach session! The days are long and the evenings are warm.  This family combined their photography session with fish 'n chips for dinner on the beach. It's a great way to get an evening shoot in, especially with young kids! Take them somewhere they love where they can run around and enjoy themselves. The kids get to splash in the water, you get to have fun with them and relax (and bonus - there is no washing up!). 

I'm booked for the rest of 2017 but still have some spots available over the January summer holidays. Do you have a favourite beach you live at in summer with your family? Get in touch, I'd love to do a session there with you! 

This month I'm participating in a blog circle with some of my favourite Aussie photographers. Check out what they have been up for some . Next up is Jess Worrall – Urban Melbourne Family Photography Session, with an awesome shoot in the laneways of Melbourne.

Sun and sand dunes | Sydney Family Photographer

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I'm generally not a fan of winter, but I have to admit we've had a good run of it this year. The sun has done its best to shine bright most days and the weather has been warm enough to get outside often. It has almost softened the blow each time a Facebook memory pops up in my feed to remind me of the European Summer I was having last year.

If I'm going to be in winter this is a pretty good place to be, especially working on a family session like this one. Sydney put on a glorious sunny afternoon, the kids were excited to be at the beach, ready to run from the waves and happy to their feet (and their pants) wet. And their mum and dad were just as happy to get in on the action! Thanks Nat + Jay for being so relaxed and fun.

Spring is just around the corner, the start of longer days and warmer weather. It's a great time of year and a busy time for family photography sessions. Get in quick to book your own, I'd love to hear from you!