Finding fairies

The Everyday Adventure

There is something magical about the imagination of a child. There are no limits, no logic, only endless possibilities. I remember building little houses out of sticks or rocks or whatever I could find and creating tiny worlds around me. I'm excited to get lost in that world again with my own children. Yesterday we went walking through bushland not far from our house. The cold dewy mornings and sunny days have created the perfect conditions for mushrooms and they have sprouted up everywhere. It was like stumbling across a forgotten fairy forest. Unfortunately most of the mushrooms were trampled, a great cause for concern in the eyes of an almost 4 -year old as the fairies would have no where to live. We collected sticks and leaves and built them a little house amongst the trees. Tinkerbell left a note for my daughter overnight to thank her for her efforts :) We went back to visit this afternoon and thankfully our little fairy house held up better than the mushrooms. I got to see the excitement on my daughters face as she called out to the fairies and tried to coax them out of hiding.