The Streets of Tokyo

Travel + Adventure

Tokyo is a crazy, vibrant, electric and amazing city. Each time I visit I find new things to love about the place. This trip was a short whirlwind weekend for a close friend's 40th birthday, and we made the most of our time, kid-free and ready to explore. There is no shortage of things to do in this city but my favourite Tokyo activity is to wander the streets soaking up the atmosphere. The city is huge and each corner so varied and unique. You can be crossing the street with 2500 people one minute, then sitting in a tiny bar built for 7 people the next. The food is amazing, the people are so polite and the sake is growing on me. This was our first time visiting in at the start of winter, when there is a chill in the air but the trees are still hanging on to their yellow leaves. We will definitely be back, next time with the kids!

Lazy days in the tropics

Midweek Moments in Bali

We have just returned from ten wonderful days in Bali with family and friends. We had a stunning private villa in Canggu with our own swimming pool, lush gardens and views over the rice paddies. It was an oasis in the tropics and the perfect place to relax with friends. The girls loved living in one huge house with their friends, ready to play as soon as the sun woke up each morning. We spent hours upon hours in the pool, but there were plenty of barefoot moments in between.