Colorado, USA

Our winter wonderland. After a year of chasing the sun we decided to end our adventure with a week in the snow at Keystone in Colorado. It was a different world for us, so beautiful and magical and freezing cold.  It was the first time our kids had even seen snow and it took them a few days of shock to get over the temperature change. It also took them days to remember not to stick their hands in the snow. It was so white, powdery and inviting and after a huge dump over 3 days we had plenty to play with. We tried tubing, tried unsuccessfully to build a snowman (insert many a Frozen quote here), made snow angels and drank 27 hot chocolates. We loved it, the all encompassing white beauty of the landscape. I could spend hours just looking out the window and watching the snow fall. It left us all dreaming of a white Christmas, and vowing to make it back one year.

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